How GadgetShieldz came into existence?

“I love my gadgets and like most people, I enjoy taking them with me wherever I go. Now a spanking new gadget is cool - but when you pull one out covered with scratches and scruffs, that’s another story. And that story is the beginning of GadgetShieldz.

I have been a successful entrepreneur since 2003, and have always had a passion for new ideas. But until I tried to solve my own problem of scratch protection for my gadgets with existing products, I never imagined I would solve this by launching a new company.

In 2007, seeing my precious MP3 player covered with scratches after a fun day on the beach, I started looking online for protective covers. After buying a classy looking mp3 player, I didn’t want to cover it with some ugly case that adds bulk. I wanted something that would be thin and clear enough to let the beauty of my Mp3 player shine through and still provide the much needed scratch protection to the entire device, not just the screen. Run of the mill screen protectors and cases would not have served my purpose. I did find a few full body skins but those just didn’t measure up. As someone who really loves to protect his gadgets, I was disappointed. But as an entrepreneur, I saw an opportunity, and GadgetShieldz was born.

We knew that we could improve on what was available in two different ways: First, what was out there was too expensive or lacking in quality. We wanted to offer something that was not only affordable but also more functional. GadgetShieldz improved the concept of total body shields by striking a perfect balance on all these aspects.

Being based out of India, we had to be a lot better than the competition from some of the developed countries. We have sold lakhs of GadgetShieldz throughout the world since its launch in 2009 and that is the testimony to the fact that we indeed are better. We are super excited to bring the same class leading GadgetShieldz products to India now through at affordable prices.

GadgetShieldz has been one of the most important projects of my life and I would love to see it protecting as many gadgets as possible. Next time you buy a new eye-catching gadget, don’t cover it up with some case or cover. Show it off in its full glory with the invisible GadgetShieldz!!! After all that’s what gadgets are made for.”

- Mukesh Jain

Mukesh Jain is the Founder and CEO of GadgetShieldz.

A word from our staff

GadgetShieldz is the best scratch protection solution out there in the market that your money can buy. Our incredibly thin shield offers superior protection at a price that makes sense – a quarter of what the other brands are charging! Factor in our class leading quality of coverage design, materials and precision engineering and you’ll soon discover that GadgetShieldz is the only protective solution for electronic devices that you will ever need to buy.

GadgetShieldz’s mission is simple: Keep your gadgets looking pristine – year after year.

We at GadgetShieldz take pride in being involved with manufacturing of a revolutionary scratch protection solution. We follow the values of perfection and quality control. In case you see us faltering on any service or quality aspect of your experience with GadgetShieldz, shoot us an email at

- The entire staff at GadgetShieldz

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