Looking for a Gadgetshieldz alternate? Well about that...

If you’re here then there’s a good chance that you have already heard about us on youtube, social media channels, forums or friends and now you’re looking for some alternatives to gadgetshieldz just to save a few pennies. But before you go down the rabbit-hole to the more obscure parts of the internet and end up looking for cheaper/ better skins or screen protectors, hear us out so that we can save you the trouble. You probably have a good reason for looking for an alternative and we also feel like it’s important that you do so. That way, you can do your research and find out on your own that we’re the best option! If you think we may seem a bit too confident then you’re certainly right, but let us show you exactly why we’re so confident. But if you’re still looking for an “alternative” to Gadgetshieldz, we’re sorry to say you won’t find one.

Before you take us up on our challenge, let us explain what we mean. Just because other skins and protectors exist, that doesn’t make them an “alternative” for Gadgetshieldz. If you’re buying products from the internet, you need to be careful. This is especially true when looking for smaller products like Screen Protectors or skins for your phone: The price, precision, and quality are not always assured. But if you MUST keep looking just keep these factors in mind.

The Gadgetshieldz guide to buying skins online:

Look at the name:

Names of websites on the internet are just that, names. Names aren’t all that important, but what’s important is if you’ve heard of them before. The more popular and widespread the brand, the more trustworthy they will be. And if you haven’t heard of the name before, a quick google search should help you find out more about them. If you haven’t searched for our brand name yet, go ahead and search for us.

How long have they been doing this?

There aren’t a fixed number of years to calculate the trustworthiness of a website. But you can be sure that someone who’s been doing the same thing for 10 years will know a lot more than someone who only started only recently. Take us for example, we’ve been around since 2009 and have sold millions of products so far. So you can bet that Gadgetshieldz knows all the intricacies and best practices possible when it comes to making precision mobile phone skins and screen protectors.


Customer experience has been at the forefront in a decade long journey for any reputable industry. Our customer centric approach has made us the top brand, when it comes to our mobile skins and screen protectors we just can’t be beat. We have created a system which strives to ship most orders almost the same day or within 24-48 hrs through expedited shipping for free using only reputed shipping partners. We offer express shipping on all orders whereas the many other competitors will charge you a bomb (for shipping mediocre products) in the name of expedited shipping. We offer support at each process - shipping, installation, returns and refunds using an advanced ticket based support system for a faster average response time.

Quality Materials and Pricing:

While it is important to think about saving money, you may also want take a second to think about what exactly you’re buying. Sure, the price you find may be much lower, even lower than your self-esteem. But are you really getting the value for your money? We at Gadgetshieldz use only the finest materials from 3M for our skins. So when you buy our skins you can be certain you’re getting a product that exceeds world-class standards. But if you still want something with lower pricing than we or our discounts can offer, we can’t stop you. But beware! You may end up getting something that’s barely more than a painted plastic cover.

Will it do its job?

We can give you the best product we can make, but will it really be of much use to you unless it fulfils its purpose? Take our skins for example: You want at least three things from them

  • They need to fit.
  • They need to look as amazing as you want them too
  • They need to keep the scratches and grime off your phone

So if you get a skin that misses even one of these criteria, then it becomes useless to you. We engineer our skins for precision, style, and easy installation. We don’t skimp on our screen and body protectors either. We doubt you could find a better screen and body protector for any of those amazing curved-glass phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro. Our protectors are ultra-tough, invisible, and even have self-healing properties. Our full body screen protectors cover your phone from the screen to the back, including the camera lens. You’ll have a hard time finding something else this good.

We’re not done, but we’ll stop here.

At the end of the day, we only hope your phone looks as amazing as we want you to feel. But really, a really good reason to not consider Gadgetshieldz is if the world was wiped out by an asteroid and phones become useless. Another reason would be if someone has a gun to your head and forces you to choose a different brand for phone skins and protectors! But no matter what the reason or where you go, know that you will always come back here and buy from us again! With Gadgetshieldz, you and your mobile devices are in safe hands. 'Nuff said!