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Apple iPhone X Screen Protector

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Looking for a screen protector, scratch guard, case, cover or skin for your iPhone X ? Move over these traditional protectors and embrace the next level of scratch protection with the revolutionary GadgetShieldz full body protection film.
GadgetShieldz™ Screen Protector is the best choice for maximum scratch protection for iPhone X. The ultra-clear, ultra-thin Gadgetshieldz film applies on your screen, back, sides, top, bottom and even the camera lens providing 360 degree scratch protection.
Our full body clear protectors provide added grip to your device without the film feeling sticky or tacky. With our full body protection applied on your devices, hold them with supreme confidence without the fear of letting your devices slip through during normal usage. Lose the Slip, get the Grip!
GadgetShieldz film applies directly on your device without altering its original sleek look and feel in any way. Being just 0.2 mm thick (or thin should we say) it is virtually invisible after application providing optically clear protection to the entire device unmatched by other screen protectors, cases, covers or skins.
Each Gadgetshieldz includes precision engineered films custom made to fit your iPhone X keeping all ports and buttons totally accessible. Its unique ultra-flexible properties helps it to cover even the most complex curves and contours of your device which normal rigid screen guards cannot.
Why you should buy Gadgetshieldz?
  • Scratchproofs the entire device and screen.
  • Provides excellent grip to your devices.
  • Removes without leaving any residue.
  • All buttons, ports and battery cover fully accessible.
  • Virtually invisible scratch protection.
  • Made from a clear, military grade film.
  • Unique self-healing capabilities
  • 30 Day Returns*
With the kind of 360 degree scratch protection that GadgetShieldz provides to your consumer electronic devices, you will find them in the same pristine condition as the day you took them out of the box. Apply a Gadgetshieldz today and you won't miss the experience of showing off your gadgets in their full glory without worrying about scratches, ever! GadgetShieldz is the best iPhone X screen protector, case or cover that your money can buy.

Absolutely a much needed protector for the glass body phone like iphone x.
The screen protector covers the overall screen even the edges of the screen.
The body protector is outstanding that i wished to have this kind of protector. And it comes along with the camera lens protector which protects the protruding lens.
How to save your iPhone X from scratches? The answer is Gadgetshieldz body screen protector. keep the good work.
Device - iPhone X India
The iPhone X features are very great but I want them to provide something like the Gadgetshieldz full body protector along with the device. The iPhone x is prone to scratches, The Gadgetshieldz scratch guard are best in the industry. Thanks for the wonderful protector. It covers the iphone x perfectly.
The best screen protector for the iPhone x in the markret. No other tempered glass would fit like the gadgetshieldz screen protector. it covers until the edges and the grip extraordinary. I love their quality of their protector. no need to worry about the back glass of the iphone x, the gadgetshieldz even covers the back and camera. That's lovely!! I have been suggesting them to other iphone users too.. If you even want to go for the case get one back screen protector from here so that there won't be any scratches.
Must need for the iPhone X. The body protector is what is was looking for my iphone x. I was searching for this kind of cover all over the internet. I just needed something like this. But I was really skeptical about the application. It took me 20 minutes to install, I have seen some bubbles after the application but as mentioned. Everything vanished within 2 hours. And i need to mention the grip, I never feel slippery as before. the body protector adds the grip. They ship from India it took 15 days to reach me which is okay for the International order. And price is nothing when you compare it with other case, cover or something available in the market. I will be getting for my future devices too.
superb!! Seriously I'm not a case of screen protector person. I love to use the mobile as it is. But the iPhone X made me look for the cases and TGP then i came to know about the gadgetshieldz. I'm very much happy that I found this protector. It doesn't even look like it's applied so that it stays sleek. The protector is very precise. I have applied the back protector at first upon satisfying i went ahead with the screen protector too... Now it stays invisible on my iphone x.
Gadgetshieldz offers excellent protection to the iPhone as well as any other device on which it is installed. Have been buying regularly and am a ''Fan'' of Gadgetshieldz !! Super quick delivery !! Keep it up !!!!!
An excellent product to protect the gadgetz. It fits lovely! No more cases !!

I recently purchased this matte guard and I received within 2 days. The application was simple as ever. Make a solution using shampoo, dip the guard in and apply. I left it over night and the next morning, the guard was had blended with the phone and invisible! Perfect!
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