Application Instructions

Gadgetshieldz Application Instructions

Please take time to read ALL the instructions once or twice beforehand. Set aside 30-45 minutes for the installation. The film requires time to cure and set after installation. We would suggest doing it at the night so that the device can be left off unused for at least 12 hours.

Identify a warm, well lit and dust-free location away from any direct wind and sunlight for installation. Any dust, debris or lint particles found near the installation area can get under the film during installation and spoil the whole process.

Shown below is an installation of back shield on a cell phone. The same instructions apply to the screen and all the other areas and for all other devices including Tablets and Laptops.


Application Solution :

 Make a soap solution by mixing thoroughly 1-2 drops of mild liquid soap (baby shampoo recommended) and around 300 ml (10 Oz) of water in a shallow dish. Avoid using any detergents or washing soaps. For larger shields (Tablets or Laptops) work up a larger volume in the same water/shampoo ratio.


Step   1

Switch Off your device and remove the batteries if they are removable. For devices where the battery is not removable, switching off is sufficient. Wash your hands and clean the device's surface thoroughly of all the dirt and facial oils with a lint-free cloth. You can wet the cloth slightly before cleaning.


Step   2

Identify where each portion of the shield goes on the device. Wet all your fingers with the soap solution and starting from a corner, slowly and carefully remove one of the shields without stretching it. Tip: Keep your fingers wet whenever handling the shield to avoid fingerprints.


Step   3

Dip the removed piece into the soap solution completely, take it out and remove all the excess solution by sliding your fingers along the shield. Fingerprints on the sticky side, if any, can be washed out during this step. Make sure every part of the sticky side is wet so that the shield doesn't fold up or stick to itself. Do not let the shield stick to dust or anything that is not wet.


Step   4

With the sticky side facing down, place the shield on your device as closely aligned as possible by equally spacing out any cut-outs in the shield around the ports (holes) on the device. Glide it into the correct position with minor adjustments using your fingers if required.


Step   5

If you are unsatisfied with the alignment of a particular piece, now is the time to remove it slowly and start back from step 3. Removing the film after the sticky side has dried may stretch or deform it. Once satisfied with the alignment, use your fingers first and then a credit card or anything similar to remove the excess solution under the film away from the center and towards the edges of the film.


Step   6

Absorb the excess solution using the lint-free cloth whenever required. If the shield is moving from its perfectly aligned position, slide it back into place and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then gently start squeezing again. After squeezing out the excess solution, start pressing down all the side flaps with enough pressure so that they stick down on the device.


Step   7

Once all the portions are installed, keep your device SWITCHED OFF for a period of 12-24 hrs to let the film set and all the left over moisture to dry out.


Step   8

After a period of 12-24 hrs, the shield will dry out and you can start using your device.

Immediately after the installation, you may see micro-bubbles under your screen and the device might look hazy.Don't panic over the wet appearance of the shield as this is perfectly normal. As the shield starts to set onto your device, it will start to clear up. The appearance will improve remarkably over the 12-24 Hrs period with the moisture drying out. Allow up to 2 to 3 days for the microbubbles to completely disappear. However, larger bubbles may take a bit longer to clear up.

Installation Tips

Add liquid soap or shampoo only in the required quantity (don't overdo it) so that the shield can slide quite freely on the device for alignment.

You can even use a spray bottle filled up with the soap solution to spray on the shield.

Use enough solution to easily reposition the film on the device and keep it wet until you are satisfied with the alignment.

Alignment is the most important part of the installation as it would ‘blend’ your Gadgetshieldz with the device giving it a perfect seamless look. Start aligning the top first, then the sides and finally the bottom. You can keep any of the cutouts (for instance, holes for camera or flash) in the shield aligned as the reference point and then start aligning rest of the shield.

For smaller or thinner pieces, align them on the device and allow 5-10 minutes to dry before pressing them down.

If you find some edges or flaps still unsettled, hold them in place so that they are aligned on the device and then press them against the device using the center of your palm for 45-60 sec as shown in step 6. Ensure that you have secured one corner area before moving onto another. This is the best thing that you can do for the installation and we highly recommend this palming technique

Secure all the edges of the shield, even if they seem settled down by using the above palming technique. Missing this step might make some parts of the shield to pop up again and eventually collect dust within 2-3 weeks.

Don’t remove any piece if it has set for a period of more than 4-5 minutes. If you do need to take out any particular piece for re-installing before this period, wet your fingers and take it out carefully so that you don’t stretch it and then wet the sticky side again before laying and aligning it.

Gadgetshieldz Removal Instructions


In case you wish to remove the shield from your device at any time, peel it very slowly starting from a corner and away from itself (parallel to the surface at an angle of around 180 degrees. It is recommended to remove the skin in small steps.

If you have any questions or suggestions, before or after the installation, please email us at

Skinnova Application Instructions


Clean your device thoroughly of all the dust and facial oils. Peel a Skinnova piece from its backing.


Position the skin slightly above the device, without letting the sticky side touch the device, and align it perfectly. Use the edges, camera holes and other cut outs to judge alignment ensuring they are perfectly centered before laying down the skin. Once statisfied with the alignment, let the skin adhere on the device.

If you are unsatisfied with the alignment,carefuly remove the skin, without stretching it, and align it again. Alignment is the most important aspect for a perfect finish.


Once you have confirmed the alignment after placing, press down the skins against the device. Push air bubbles, if any, starting from the center towards the nearest edges.


For corners and sides, we recommend using a hair dryer on moderate setting to warm those portions of the skin and push them down on the device using your thumb. Repeat this procedure even for the edges so that they stay in place.

Tip : For a perfect look, you may have to heat and extend the side strips to close the gaps between the adjoining pieces.


Make sure all the corners and edges are lying flush with the surface of your device. Press down the corners firmly against the device and hold for 25-30 secs using your thumb. If any of the corners are still lifting, repeat step 4 on those areas.

Important Tips - Front Skin Installation


While the front skin is still on the paper liner, peel a small corner portion of the skin from the center screen area and bend it. DO NOT peel the entire screen skin.


Apply the front skin on the device using the same procedure as the back skin.


After applying, peel off the center screen area starting from the bent corner.


Screen Shield Application Instructions (without Spray)

These instructions are ONLY for applying the clear screen shield that comes with Skinnova™. DO NOT use these instructions to apply your skinnova skins or any other Gadgetshieldz™ product. Identify a well lit and dust-free location for installation away from any wind and sunlight.

Application Solution : Make a soap solution in a shallow dish by mixing 1-2 drops of Jhonsons baby shampoo (or any mild liquid hand wash soap) and around 300 ml (12 oz) of water.


SWITCH OFF your device. Wash your hands and clean the device’s screen surface throughly of all the dirt with the microfiber cloth.


Wet all your fingers with the SPRAY SOLUTION and starting from a corner, slowly remove the screen shield.


Dip the removed piece into the soap solution completely so that the entire shield is wet and then remov all the excess solution by sliding your fingers along the shield.


With the adhesive side facing down, place the screen shield on the center screen area as closely aligned as possible. If the shield is enough wet, you can glide it into the correct position with minor adjustments using your fingers.


Once satisfied with the alignment, cover the application squeegee with the microfiber cloth and remove the excess solution under the film towards the edges and away from any open ports like speakers, microphone etc.


Once all the portions are applied, keep your device SWITCHED OFF for a period of 1 or 2 HOURS to let the film set. HAZINESS and BUBBLES are expected immediately after the installation. The appearance will improve remarkably over a 24-48 Hrs period with the moisture drying out and micro bubbles, if any, working themselves out in 1 - 2 DAYS.