Top Notch Materials

Google Pixel phones are premium and require ultra-premium protection and only GadgetShieldz makes that possible. GadgetShieldz skins offer maximum protection to the device’s back and sides. Now that you have landed on GadgetShieldz, you can stay calm and rest is assured. Here you get the best Pixel 3 XL skins, Pixel 3 Skins, Pixel 3 Skins, Pixel 2 XL Skins, Pixel 2 Skins. The wraps are made using only the authentic 3M materials that are durable and strong. You know there are more important things for you to worry about! Stay relaxed as our textured vinyl skins protect your phone from scratches, fingerprints, dust and grime. The new look that you see on your phone right now shall remain the same for ages – only with a GadgetShieldz custom skin wrapped around.

Precision Engineered

Authentic 3D Textures combined with careful design and precision cut skins is all that you want to cover your Google Pixel phones. Our precision cut skin perfectly fit around the primary camera on the rear and around the SIM tray and port of your phone. The edges of volume buttons and power button will also get wrapped accurately – it is this detailing that makes GadgetShieldz skins stand out from the rest of the less known skin brands out there. Our adept designers have tested a thousand times to achieve this flawless precision. The precise skins allow the buttons, ports, camera to be fully accessible for a complete functionality.

Unique Customization

At GadgetShieldz, customization is not an oft-repeated cliché. You can check for yourself. Experience the most advanced customization interface that gives you full freedom to decide how exactly you want your phone to look. Choose the device you own and start with selecting the variant. Do you want to turn your mobile into a piece of Wood or Marble? You can give a woody look, a White Marble look or even a Black Matrix look! And if you wish to give a contrasting look to the matte coating covering a good part of the phone's back, then you can try out our other textures like Sandstone Red, Sandstone Yellow or any other. Did you think customization stops here? Then think again. GadgetShieldz state-of-the-art customizer allows to you select a unique texture to wrap around the camera lens and the G-logo.

Why Gadgetshieldz Skins?

  • Multiple Style Skins
    Multiple Style Skins
  • Unlimited Customization
    Unlimited Customization
  • Authentic 3M Textures
    Authentic 3M Textures
  • Bubble Free Application
    Wireless Charging
  • Military Grade Scratch Protection
  • Zero Residue Removal
  • Bubble Free Application
    Bubble Free Application
  • Military Grade Scratch Protection
    Military Grade Scratch Protection
  • Zero Residue Removal
    Zero Residue Removal