The worst thing about invisible shield I got for my Iphone was the way its edges still stood up after I had worked on it for a couple of hours. The cut was a little sloppy (I ordered their initial launch version of Iphone 3G skin) and I don’t know if it was the cut or just that the material wasn’t good enough for the job. Anyway I was not going to risk another 25$ with them.

On the other hand the full-body protective shield from GadgetShieldz for the AT&T Tilt 2 fits extremely well and once I got over the fact that the scratch protection kit was shipped without any instructions and soap solution, I have been impressed with gadgetshieldz because of the convenience and quality it offers for such a low price.

I paid $25 for my Iphone’s shield from invisibleshield. So getting a cover made from the same material from Gadgetshieldz for just $6.99 was a treat. I just wish they design one for the HTC desire which I am planning to get next.

I ordered this product and was delivered quickly.. I was afraid at the first to stick it on my own because of those air bubbles that might get in between the film and the screen.I found the instructions easy to implement.. dip in soap water completely and stick it!! It looks perfect on my iPod Touch. The touch screen is working properly also the clarity is awesome! The best $6.99 i have spent :-)

I recommend every iPod Touch owner to grab this..!

A very good shield compared invisible zagg and it's cheaper. Easy installation. I also noticed that it's scratch proof than I-zagg.
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