I have been using it on my Nexus 4 since last 4 months and it is the best thing that I can get for my phone. No scratches till date though I use my phone roughly. Thumbs up for the quality and low price.
Over the years I have wasted so much money on useless screen protectors, most of them either end up ruining the clarity and get extremely smudgy.

Handling a smudgy screen at times does feel disgusting! But thanks to an anonymous person's review on another website I found Gadgetzshield, since ZAGG INVISIBLE SHIELD isn't available in India!

Gadgetshieldz is undoubtly the best screen protection for a phone if your India and the only wet screen applicator screen guard. No compromises!!!!

I got this for my NEXUS 4 and it is the only screen protector with complete edge to edge protection, doesn't ruin the colours displayed, a little reduction in smudges. Haven't been disappointed since. Will be spreading the word for sure.

Their customer service and product packaging is excellent with clear instructions on how to apply the screen protector, follow it properly and no issues will arise.

Highly recommeded! Stop spending 100-300 Rs on other useless protectors available at any shops. Instead get Gadgetshieldz and have the best protector on your phone!!.

Thank You Gadgetshieldz. I just hoped I was aware of your product earlier.
got the delivery in just 1 day and dat too from chennai to delhi....osum service :)

will post another review after i have covered my lumia 720 with the gadgetshieldz screen guard.

@gadgetshieldz- dis ws my first purchase with you and beleve me you have won my trust.....from now on for each and every mobile/mp3 player, screen guard will be bought from your website :)
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