Brilliant skin. Protects right upto the edge. True total body protection. I would recommend it without any doubt.
I have tried other brands before and am so fortunate now that I came upon your site! Bought 2 for my iPhone 4 - in case I screw up the installation... But surprisingly, Gadgetshieldz was very easy to install/apply! Affordable and free shipping to boot!!! Will get Gadgetshieldz for all my stuff from now on!
Lovely fit from GadgetShieldz. I have used Bodyguardz covers before this and I always felt it was cut unevenly leaving a lot of gaps. GadgetShieldz on the other hand was perfectly cut for the EVO. $6.99 was icing on the cake (I won't mind paying even a couple of $s extra for gadgetshieldz skins) for my next purchase. It really is good.
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