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Our MacBooks are the victims of our insanity: They’re constantly scratched each day, but we don’t really take notice until your cutting board has fewer scratches than your MacBook. But there’s still hope! Our MacBook Pro 13” body protectors are designed to combat scratches and smudges, and enhance the sleek inherent design of your MacBook. Our MacBook Air 13” body protectors are made of an ultra-durable material that comes with its own self-healing factor. That’s right, our protective film heals from scratches like a superhero (Or super villain) Our MacBook pro body protector is only 0.2mm thick (or thin!), making it the world’s most invisible protector.

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Self Healing TechnologyAdvanced Self Healing

Reduced mobile FingerprintReduced Fingerprint

We don’t really expect to have accidents until they actually happen to us. From the lightest nudge to the tiniest slip, the smallest mistake can result in a resounding crash when your MacBook falls to the floor. Don’t let that be you! Our MacBook Pro 13” body protector comes with an advanced tactile coating that will help you get a grip on your Macbook and your life (some people treat both equally) And of course, all our films are precision made to fit your Macbooks keeping all ports (both of them!) and buttons totally accessible. So when you choose Gadgetshieldz, you’re looking at the best Macbook body protectors money can buy.