Scratch protection for MacBook

As an Apple MacBook fan, you do not see much difference between your MacBook and a handful of diamonds. They are precious. The duo also requires extra protection. Diamonds are safe in your secret chambers (we are serious.), but is your MacBook safe in your bag and in the midst of all the paraphernalia you carry? The bitter truth is it is prone to scratches and even gets drowned in dust. Ultimately you end up carrying a gloomy looking Macbook. Worry not. As you are on GadgetShieldz to purchase a skin, you are assured that your device will retain its charm forever [Diamonds & MacBooks are forever]. The Apple Macbook skins you get here offer ultimate scratch protection. The wraps you receive are made from only the authentic 3M materials that are precision cut to match its exact dimensions.

Your MacBook stands out from the Crowd

The true-textured MacBook skins of GadgetShieldz will up your style quotient the minute you apply them. You can see for yourself. Sit back, take a few seconds and cherry-pick the skins you like the most from amongst the many we offer. Are you a minimalist? Then choose a single texture for the Top, Bottom and Trackpad of your MacBook. Not a minimalist? Go ahead and experiment the different textures using our state-of-the-art customization tool that even gives a preview of how exactly your precious device shall look when you choose more textures. You are guaranteed that your MacBook would attract most eyeballs the time you whip it out of your bag. You can choose the trendy skins for any of the MacBook, be it the MacBook Pro 13 inch Skins (2016-18, Touch Bar), MacBook Air 13" Skins (2012-2017), MacBook Pro 13 inch Skins (2013-15, Retina), MacBook Pro 13" Skins (2016-17, NO Touch Bar).Try out a White Marble MacBook skin on the top. For the trackpad we suggest a Black Matrix MacBook skin. Check from the other textures like Black Camo, Black Carbon Fiber for the bottom. Keep customizing till the time you get the most gorgeous look on your Mac.