Nokia Screen Protectors

The high quality and beautifully designed Nokia phone is a priced possession for every Nokia loyalist. Protecting you phone from scratches should not become a daily chore because you have more important things to do. Your own hands that hold the phone can turn into a Frankenstein’s monster, filling the mobile's front and back with loads of fingerprint marks. But the phone's pristine look is always there to stay if you give it a proper protection. You would not prefer a case because cases add weight. We do not endorse either. GadgetShieldz Nokia Screen protectors are the best way you can keep the original look of your phone intact. GadgetShieldz ultra clear screen protectors are just 0.2 mm thin and are virtually invisible after application providing optically clear protection to the whole device. The Nokia scratch guard applies on your screen, back, sides, top, bottom and even the camera lens providing 360-degree scratch protection. The self-healing property in the film can take even the harsh scratches and heal them in just a matter of time, bringing back the clear view on your phone.