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OnePlus 6T Screen Protector

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Looking for a OnePlus 6T screen protector that protects your phone's screen and body from nicks and scratches? GadgetShieldz gives the best solution. The full body OnePlus 6T film covers and protects every inch of your device from the bad world of scratches and smudges.
The ultra-clear OnePlus 6T screen guard will cover the screen, sides, top, bottom, back of the phone. Your mobile enjoys a 360-degree scratch protection. The OnePlus 6T camera lens protector safeguards your camera lens. Ideally you can wrap the protector from Day 1 to keep the phone pristine without even a smallest scratch or fingerprint marks falling.
The full body OnePlus 6T clear protectors not only protect the device but also offer an added grip to the phone. The film does not feel stick or tacky. You can stay assured as the fear of letting the phone slipping off your hands is no more a concern. The film being just 0.2 mm thin, your OnePlus 6T will stay the way you got it! Sleek and handy.
It is a clear film. Applying the self-healing film means you do not alter the original sleek look and feel in anyway. You would wonder if a film is actually applied. The protector does its job impeccably without even giving a feel that one is applied. The premium film is unmatched by other screen protectors that are available out there.
Each Gadgetshieldz includes precision engineered films custom made to fit your OnePlus 6T keeping all ports and buttons totally accessible. The unique ultra-flexible properties in the OnePlus 6T Scratch Protector helps it to cover even the most complex curves and contours of your device which normal rigid screen guards cannot.
Why you should buy Gadgetshieldz?
  • Scratchproofs the entire device and screen.
  • Provides excellent grip to your devices.
  • Removes without leaving any residue.
  • All buttons, ports and battery cover fully accessible.
  • Virtually invisible scratch protection.
  • Made from a clear, military grade film.
  • Unique self-healing capabilities
  • 30 Day Returns*
With the kind of 360 degree scratch protection that GadgetShieldz provides to your consumer electronic devices, you will find them in the same pristine condition as the day you took them out of the box. Apply a Gadgetshieldz today and you won't miss the experience of showing off your gadgets in their full glory without worrying about scratches, ever! GadgetShieldz is the best OnePlus 6T screen protector, case or cover that your money can buy.


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