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Google Pixel 3 XL Skins

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Google Pixel 3 XL Skins

Premium Pixel 3 XL Skins

Pixel 3 XL is a premium phone that needs an ultra-premium protection. Anything less is unacceptable. As an owner of Pixel 3 XL, you look for a skin that offers maximum protection to the phone's back and sides. Now that you have landed on GadgetShieldz, you can stay calm and rest is assured. Here you get Pixel 3 XL covers that are best on the planet. The wraps are made using only the authentic 3M materials that are durable and strong. We understand there are more important things for you to worry about. So, stay relaxed as our textured vinyl skins protect your phone from scratches, fingerprints, dust and grime. All that said, the new look that you see on your phone right now shall remain the same for ages – only with a GadgetShieldz skin wrapped around.

Google Pixel 3 XL Skins

Get the Solid Grip

The Pixel 3 XL comes with a 158 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm dimension and weighs 184 g. You have decided to choose the ultra-thin GadgetShieldz skins because you do not want to make your phone look chunky. Unlike those big fat cases out there, the wraps that you get here are sleek and do not add an iota of weight to your phone. Besides, you enjoy a solid grip when you hold the phone in hand. Now give the reading a break, scroll up and choose the texture you like to most to cover your phone's back and sides. Choose from any of the textures - Camoflaunt, Black Matrix, Leather or Ebony wood. They are crafted with a strong grip and ensure that your phone does not slip down easily, thus keeping the fear of falls at bay. The slippery glass body of the mobile is longer a cause of concern for all the owners of this Google phone.

The True Customization

At GadgetShieldz, customization is not an oft-repeated cliché. You can check for yourself. Just scroll up to experience the most advanced customization interface that gives you full freedom to decide how exactly you want your Pixel 3 XL to look. Start with selecting the variant you own - Clearly White, Just Black, and Not Pink. How would you want your Pixel 3 XL's glossy, frosted glass area covering the top of the rear panel to look? You can give a woody look, a White Marble look or a Black Matrix look! And if you wish to give a contrasting look to the matte coating covering a good part of the phone's back, then you can try out our other textures like Sandstone Red, Sandstone Yellow or any other. Did you think customization stops here? Then think again. GadgetShieldz’ state-of-the-art customizer allows to you select a unique texture to wrap around the camera lens and the G-logo.

Google Pixel 3 XL Skins
Google Pixel 3 XL Skins

Precision: Above the Rest

Authentic 3D Textures combined with meticulous design and precision cut is what you want if you had already decided to cover your Google Pixel 3 XL with the best skin. Our precision cut skins perfectly fit around the primary camera on the rear and around the single-SIM tray and USB Type-C port of your phone. The edges of volume buttons and power button on the right side will also get wrapped accurately – it is this detailing that makes GadgetShieldz skins stand out from the rest of the unknown skin brands out there. Our adept designers have tested a thousand times to achieve this flawless precision. Hence you get the precise skins that allow the buttons, ports, camera to be fully accessible for a complete functionality.