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Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro skins

Superior Materials

Xiaomi is back with a bang with the release of Redmi Note 6 Pro. You are happy about the new phone and like every other Redmi mobile user, you head straight to GadgetShieldz to protect your phone from menacing scratches and fingerprints. GadgetShieldz is the one stop destination for protection because only here do you get the most precise Redmi Note 6 Pro skins. The ultra-thin Redmi Note 6 pro wraps are manufactured with authentic 3M materials and protect your phone from exposure to scratches, fingerprints and dust. A great escape from the everyday drudgery of wiping the fingerprint marks and dust, indeed. The highest-grade adhesive we use sticks on your Redmi 6 Pro very well, and when you decide to replace the skin with a new texture, you can peel it off without leaving out any residue on your mobile. This is possible because the highest-grade adhesive is at its powerful best.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Skins

Solid Grip

157.91 x 76.38 x 8.26 dimensions make Redmi Note 6 pro a solid fit in your hand. Now imagine putting a case over your device! How would it turn into? It turns into an oversized Hippo in Hand, robbing you of all the comfort. The best solution to get rid of the 'Hippo in Hand' feel is to cover your Redmi Note 6 Pro in an authentic and textured ultra-thin skin that doesn’t add any weight or bulk. Just scroll up to choose the texture you like to most to cover the phone's back and sides. Camoflaunt, Leather or Black Matrix skin - which is your choice? Each texture is crafted to give a strong grip and ensure that your device does not slip off easily, thus keeping the fear of falls at arm’s distance. The slippery body of the phone should no longer be a reason to worry!

The True Customization

It is YOUR Redmi Note 6 pro. And we leave it to you to take final call on how your phone should look: A Rugged or a Suave look. As you see above, we have built this advanced customization interface that gives you full freedom to decide which texture you want. A Black Raptor skin is assured to give the phone a macho look (complementing your style). With a Raptor applied, it's like your phone had just escaped a forest fire unharmed. If you want to keep your mobile simple yet sophisticated, then try out the Black Matrix skin. Are you an adventurous person often venturing into the woods or simply a nature lover? Then you have got Zebra Wood, Bamboo Wood and Ebony wood skin. The true textures give a real feel of a charcoal or a real wood when you touch.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Skins
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Skins

Precision Engineered

Authentic 3D Textures combined with careful design and precision cut is what you expect if you decide to wrap your Redmi Note 6 Pro with the best skin. They are precision cut and perfectly fit around the camera lens, edges of volume buttons and power button accurately – it is the eye for detail that makes GadgetShieldz wraps stand out from the rest of the little-known brands out there. Our expert designers have tested the Redmi 6 Pro skins an umpteen time to achieve this flawless precision. You are guaranteed to get only the precise skins that let the buttons, ports, camera to be fully accessible with a total functionality.


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