Top Notch Materials

Samsung Galaxy series of phones are super-phones. They are high-end in their build, design, quality and technology. You carry them anywhere and they steal the show. But the phones need utmost protection. The Samsung mobile skins you get at GadgetShieldz are made from superior quality 3M material and safeguard your phone with extra style. They protect your device from scratches and smudges. The mobile's glass or metallic back that is otherwise pristine can get choked in fingerprints. Give it a GadgetShieldz skin and bid adieu to those grisly fingerprints. The authentic 3M skins are designed to protect every mm of the phone, even the edges, sides, camera lens and around the ports and buttons.

Precision Engineered

Stay assured you are at GadgetShieldz. Every skin that is shipped is precisely cut only for your device. Highest level of precision translates to easy application. The skin fits around Samsung phone’s back, sides and edges accurately. And, as time goes by, you may wish to change the texture. You can easily remove the existing one without leaving out residue on the device. The highest-grade adhesive used ensures that the back panel is back to its pristine form, as though it is waiting for another skin. Then you have Leather Skin or Concrete Skin in mind? Tell us which texture is your pick among the range of Samsung Galaxy wraps we have for your phone.

Unique Customization

At GadgetShieldz, you never have to compromise on anything. You can take full freedom to give a makeover to your device. Are you looking for Galaxy Note 9 skins, Galaxy Note 8 skins or Galaxy S9 Plus skins? Then step into the customization page. What you experience is the state-of-the-art interface that allows you to have a preview with a texture applied. We developed this interface because we want you to know how your device is going to look. Check the Black Matrix skin or a Black Camo skin if it is to your liking. Then check this Ebony Wood texture. Apply it and brandish the back of the phone. You can pass it off as a piece of solid wood in your hand. The skin is true textured and looks exactly the way Ebony wood is.

Why Gadgetshieldz Skins?

  • Multiple Style Skins
    Multiple Style Skins
  • Unlimited Customization
    Unlimited Customization
  • Authentic 3M Textures
    Authentic 3M Textures
  • Bubble Free Application
    Wireless Charging
  • Military Grade Scratch Protection
  • Zero Residue Removal
  • Bubble Free Application
    Bubble Free Application
  • Military Grade Scratch Protection
    Military Grade Scratch Protection
  • Zero Residue Removal
    Zero Residue Removal