Fashion Statement for your Gadgets

Stuck with the same old boring phone everyone else has – let your phone be 'the' attention grabber with Skinnova™ authentic textured skins for your gadgets!


Find Your Perfect Style Statement

Skinnova™ designer vinyl skins let you customize your gadgets in various unique textures including wood grain, leather, carbon fibre and metal. Choose your favourite style and create a bold and unique fashion statement


Authentic 3D textures

Skinnova skins have an amazingly detailed and true 3D textures that are gorgeous to see and sensuous to touch. Skinnova exudes the same authentic feel that any real wood, metal or leather would.

Precision Engineered

Each Skinnova skin is meticulously designed and tested over a thousand times for an unrivalled precision. Fit is precise with all the ports and buttons left fully accessible for complete functionality.


Stylish Scratch Protection

Skinnova skins are made from the highest grade materials available on the planet offering a tough layer of protection against scratches and daily wear and tear. You cannot find a better combination of style and substance.

Bubble Free Application

With a unique proprietary air-channel technology, application of Skinnova on your device is bubble free, always.


Removes Without Any Residue

Made from the highest quality vinyl available, Skinnova removes without leaving any residue.

Available For All Popular Devices

With a wide selection of supported devices including Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, HTC One and many more, rest assured your device is already covered. In fact, as you are reading this, we are sure a new device is being ‘skinnovated’ in our labs.

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