GadgetShieldz is the best scratch protection film out there in the market that your money can buy. Our incredibly thin shield offers superior protection at a price that makes sense – a quarter of what the other brands are charging! Factor in our class leading quality of coverage design, materials and precision engineering and you’ll soon discover that GadgetShieldz is the only protective solution for electronic devices that you will ever need to buy.


Best Materials

GadgetShieldz uses the industry’s strongest and virtually indestructible film ensuring all your gadgets are provided the most tough and durable protection against scratches. The dreaded ‘orange peel’ look that affects most other films in the market is almost zero in Gadgetshieldz scratch protection film ensuring the most aesthetic looks and an unmatched clarity.


Highly Affordable

GadgetShieldz is priced incredibly low although it is manufactured from the same kind of raw materials as other such expensive options. Compare this to the insanely expensive 25$ to 30$ that other brands cost and you will understand the clear cost advantage here.


Precision Engineering

GadgetShieldz’s team of highly experienced professionals design precisely cut shields which provide the best possible coverage, last longer and yet are very easy to apply. Each GadgetShieldz is custom designed keeping two important factors in mind, you and your device.


Free Shipping

We offer free worldwide shipping on all our orders whereas the competition (only a few of them) offers free shipping only within the USA. Last time we checked, some of them were even charging around $10 for shipping outside the USA which is more than the price of our product.


No replacement warranty needed

Most of the competition offers a "free" replacement warranty in case the shields get scratched or damaged. We urge you to read the fine print! That warranty requires paying an additional shipping & handling fee of around 6-10$ for each replacement shield and the hassles of mailing back the damaged shield on your expense. So with each replacement that you claim, you are only adding up on your already expensive investment. With our incredibly low price point, you can buy a new GadgetShieldz for less than the amount you would pay to take advantage of your "free" replacement from other brands!


Customer Satisfaction

We might be selling our products for lower costs but we never step back on our customer service simply because we know you have other options too. We need you more than you need us. Customer satisfaction is our USP and we believe all successful companies are built on happy customers and not on sales figures. We are sure you will never be disappointed with us and we would do everything within the realms of possibilities to make your experience with GadgetShieldz a pleasant one.

We at GadgetShieldz take pride in being involved with manufacturing of a revolutionary scratch protection solution. We follow the values of perfection and best quality control. In case you see us faltering on any service or quality aspect of your experience with GadgetShieldz, shoot an email to support@gadgeshieldz.com

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