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GadgetShieldz - The Ultimate In Scratch Protection

GadgetShieldz is an ultra-clear and ultra-tough scratch protection film that applies directly on your electronic devices providing total-body scratch protection without altering their original sleek look. Simply put, if a screen protector is to protect the screen then GadgetShieldz is to protect the entire device including the screen. GadgetShieldz is the ultimate solution providing an almost invisible 360 degree protective cover for your expensive gadgets.
Each GadgetShieldz includes custom designed protective films for the screen, front, back and all possible sides with cut-outs for all ports and buttons leaving them easily accessible. GadgetShieldz is precision engineered to mould itself to the curves and contours of each device providing it the maximum clear protection that is impossible for other screen protectors, cases, covers, skins to match. At a stunningly thin 0.2mm, it does not add any further bulk to the appearance of your device and is virtually invisible after application.
The most amazing thing about GadgetShieldz despite its ultra-thin nature is its strength against all the daily grind that your devices go through. GadgetShieldz are manufactured from a super tough and extraordinarily durable material that will stand up against all the daily wear and tear that your device may encounter and extend its life for years to come. With GadgetShieldz protecting your electronic devices, you can rest assured they will stay in the same pristine condition as the day you pulled them out of the box.